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2 years 6 months ago #1077 by DispicableMe
Well done to all who looked up the answers, it took me a while as well, but two points need clarification. The BMFA state that ALL future achievement scheme tests after March 2016 and that includes A and B tests not just the new BPC test will include at least 5 of these questions on top of the 5 already included in the tests. So how does that encourage juniors into our HOBBY, for that is what it is a HOBBY And the old A test used to show that the candidate was competent enough to fly unsupervised in a BMFA affiliated club whearas now he/she will be required to know the answers to all of those questions prior to the test, a feat that few senior candidates will struggle with let alone a youngster. So once again what does this step do to encourage youngsters to join a properly controlled club instead of going off with his mates and flying in a local field like so many appear to be doing around Bristol at present and no they are not just flying Drones, on a trip up the M4 during the last half term I saw a group of youngsters near Tormarton flying a High wing trainer in a field adjacent to the motorway and this week travelling down towards Winford was buzzed by a RC plane that shot over the main road at very low level. I know of no clubs in those two areas so I ask again is the BMFA becoming to bueauracratic and discouraging newcomers to our sport especially juniors.

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2 years 6 months ago #1078 by chris
Hi Peter
I think your reading more into this than is necessary, the article in the bmfa news also states that it has not yet been ratified,
and anyway if the candidate reads the handbook he/she will have no problem, like everything if your well prepared there will be no problem

if you turn up to take your test with a wot 4 foam-e, weight above 1kg (1.1kg) then you will take an 'A' test and be asked the relevant extra 5 questions which are
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10 Q17

If you turned up for your test with a drone or fpv aircraft you will take the new BPC test and be asked 5 extra questions out of the 20 listed

Obviously you and I are reading the same article and coming to two individual conclusions, so lets wait untill its ratified, maybe we could ask an examiner on the examiners weekend or maybe Steve Kirby or Pete Wilson on our 'A' test weekend at the end of March.
or maybe we could ask every member of AMARC for there appraisal of the article and get seventy different views?

Happy Flying to all
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