Colin Smith, Mike Snaden
Alan Herbert
Steve Callaghan
 Vice Chairman
Colin Smith
 Secretary/Welfare officer
Colin Denton
 Membership Secretary/Treasurer
Steve May
Saftey Officers
Chris Redmond
Colin Smith
Redmond Lines
PR Officer
Keith Wilson
 Keith Wilson
Steve Callaghan, Mike Brown
Martin Bidwell, Alan Herbert
Redmond Lines, Colin Denton
Colin Smith, Geoff McBroom
Mike Snaden
Steve May
      Those willing to help and instruct new members
   Jason Pinnell (F/W)mode 2,     Mike Snaden (F/W)mode 1,
 Toby Black(F/W)mode 2  James Carter (F/W)mode 2,  Colin Denton (F/W) mode 2, 
 Redmond Lines(F/W and Rotary)mode 2, Mike Brown (F/W and Rotary)mode 2.